How to Choose the Right Fertilizer for Your Lawn

Having a beautiful lawn requires regular maintenance and care. While there are many tips and tricks to keep your garden looking its best, it's important to consult with local gardening professionals to determine if additional care is necessary. When it comes to fertilizers, there are two main types: chemical and organic. Chemical fertilizers are made from refined or artificial organic matter, while organic fertilizers are made from natural sources.

It's important to understand that organic fertilizers don't have the same standards as organic foods. Ultimately, you have to choose the best solution for your budget, values and time. If you have an existing lawn that needs to be replaced, it may be best to rent a lawn mower and remove the existing grass. Once the grass is removed, the ground will need to be prepared for new grass installation.

For greater efficiency, find the longest stretch where the new grass will be installed and place a row of grass there first. At Bulldog Sod, our Utah grass installation experts take care of everything for you to keep your lawn looking fantastic. We select our grass varieties carefully to ensure that your garden will look good for years to come, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

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