Caring for Sod from a Local Sod Farm

Caring for sod from a local sod farm is an important part of ensuring a healthy, lush lawn. Before installing the turf, it's essential to water the soil well and treat it with a pre-sowing fertilizer. Once the turf is installed, it should be watered immediately and checked every few hours to ensure that the soil is soaked. For the first two weeks, it's best to stay away from the grass and let the roots take root.

After two weeks, you can begin mowing your lawn, but make sure to adjust the cutting level to a high level and not cut more than the top one-third of the blades of grass. Gradually reduce your watering frequency over the next few weeks until you're watering your lawn once a day or three times a week. Additionally, make sure to sharpen your mower blade before cutting and let the grass grow a little higher in warm, sunny places like Florida. Finally, wait at least one month after installation before using any fertilizer. When looking for a sod farm near you, consider brands like John Deere, Frontier, Stihl, Honda, Bush Hog and more.

These brands offer quality turf that can be quickly mowed, loaded and delivered.

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