How Long Does it Take for New Turf to Become Established After Installation?

The key to ensuring the formation of healthy, shallow roots is to start watering the new grass immediately after laying the grass and continue to do so every day for the next week. Despite having to wait 2 weeks, to properly water the grass, you will have to walk on the grass. This is definitely a must, you just have to walk on it as lightly and minimally as possible. You should also mow your lawn 6 to 7 days after installation.

This is a step that cannot be missed, so once again, be sure to walk smoothly when mowing the grass for the first time and follow the careful instructions. First, be sure to water the new grass at least once a day for the first week after its installation or even more frequently if your grass installation expert suggests so. Watering your lawn properly can reactivate grass that has become dormant due to lack of water. If the soil under the grass seems to be compacted, pull, aerate the soil underneath it with a garden aerator, and then repeat the process.

If you notice poor contact between the grass and the soil beneath it, then you have a case of floating grass that can discourage proper rooting of the grass. Remember that when managing water for a newly covered lawn, you'll want the water to penetrate the grass and penetrate deeply. Carefully mowing newly sown grass after a week of water and intensive care will promote root growth and help the grass to become established faster. The hot weather makes it difficult to install the turf, but it seems that most of the grass is properly established.

Depending on the grass farm cut grass you purchased and the variety of grass that exists, your new grass may never exactly match the existing grass. If you're planning to add new grass to your garden soon, now is the time to learn how to care for your lawn properly. If your new grass doesn't establish a shallow root system after two weeks, or if your grass hasn't made it through the shallow-root stage for several weeks, don't despair. To help the floating grass integrate with the soil underneath, water the grass and then run a garden roller over it.

Underwatering during the first week after installation may not always cause grass to become dormant, but underwatering can interfere with the development of the grass's shallow root system. While some grass varieties may take root faster, it's still good practice to care for new grass for at least 3-4 weeks to ensure optimal establishment and growth. However, to encourage a deep root system, water the grass farm cut only every other day and saturate the soil more thoroughly each time you water. We've been growing grass locally in the Florida sun since the early 80s, and growing in the area for decades before that.

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