When is the Best Time to Buy Sod from a Sod Farm Near Me?

When it comes to investing in a new lawn, timing is everything. The ideal time to buy sod from a sod farm near you is in the spring, but there are other times of the year when you can successfully lay grass. At Saratoga Sod Farm, we are proud to cultivate, supply, and install high-quality natural grass for commercial and residential customers in 26% of Northeast New York. Here, we will discuss the best time of year to buy sod and how to prepare for the grass installation. In general, you can successfully start a new lawn any time of the year.

However, the best time of year to lay grass is early to mid-fall, when temperatures are colder but grass is still growing. Spring is the second best time to plant grass and it's the best time for warm-season grasses, such as centipede, zoysia, Bermuda and St. Augustine, to go dormant in winter. Avoid installing grass in summer, as the additional water needed for the establishment could increase disease pressure and increase water bills.

When grass is laid in winter in the south, the grass may appear dormant, but it will regain its color in the spring when temperatures rise. Now that you know when to buy sod from a sod farm near you, it's time to prepare for the grass installation. Water is very important and you will have to moisten the soil before placing the grass and watering it continuously to ensure that it stays moist. Choose Sod Delivery LC for top-notch, locally sourced grass that will transform your lawn into a beautiful oasis. After my years laying grass as a landscaper, I have to say that this is one of the highest quality grasses I have seen so far and that the delivery was the same day and time they said they would deliver it.

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